Assorted collection of texts by Gui Machiavelli. These pieces are a mix of fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry and notes on things I have read.

The texts in this site are often accompanied by a list of references. I have started developing this habit because most of what I write is an attempt to parse and explore texts (used here in the most general sense of the word) and their ideas. This is a process that I value and welcome, and, to the degree I am conscious of what is influencing something I am writing, it seems appropriate to mention it. At the same time, I make no claim regarding rightfully representing an author’s ideas: not being an academic, I do not feel bound to the search of correct interpretations of concepts, only to interpretations that seem interesting and potentially rich to the piece I am writing.

Contact me at hey@guimachiavelli.com or on twitter @guimachiavelli.